Buying Email Marketing Lists – Do I Or Do I Not?

Since you are considering to buy email marketing lists, it is safe to say that you are promoting some kind of MLM, program or affiliate product. A lot of people buy email marketing lists to sell their products, build lists, or generate leads. Many people succumb to the pitfall of ‘buying’ email marketing lists. Don’t make the same mistake.

There are lots of email lists available on the net containing millions of email addresses for a relatively low cost. If you purchase and use one of these lists you will end up being labeled a spammer and most of your email will end up in the junk folder of inboxes. Most of the email addresses on these email marketing lists are either bogus, re-used and re-sold multiple times, or just harvested on the internet without permission.

Some people choose to rent email lists from varying submission services cheap email lists, buy email databases it can be quite pricey and there is no guarantee of deliverability, especially if you do not control the mailing.

If you really want to have a targeted email marketing list, consider generating your own leads and putting them into an autoresponder where you will build your list and increase your subscribers as your marketing campaigns are implemented.

There are many ways to market, and build your email lists using paid and free methods. To name a few free methods, there’s article marketing, classified ad marketing, forum marketing and email bounce backs.

Create your own marketing plan and implement it to build your email marketing list. This list will be one of your greatest asset as an entrepreneur. Do not buy any of those email marketing lists being sold on the internet, it is just a waste of money and eventually time and effort.