Shape Your Body With the Body Shape Calculator

The Body Shape Calculator can help you determine which one of the four Body Shapes you are. By establishing your Shape you can find out which Diets and types of exercise suit you. This can be hugely beneficial in terms of the effectiveness at which you burn fat.

For example an individual with an Apple would be recommended to opt for cardiovascular exercise that is of a low impact nature. This is due to osteoporosis, a medical condition which these Shapes are susceptible to.

As a result, low impact exercise that places little strain on the skeletal systems is chosen. These include swimming, cross training and rowing. These would take the place of walking and running.

If you were, on the other hand, a Pear Body Shape you would be more likely concern with achieving a good balance between your slender upper body and your large lower body such as your hip and gluteus.

The best way to achieve this would be to focus on building a slight bit of lean muscle to the Upper body such as the arms and shoulders. Most importantly though, you would want to concentrated on shedding the excess weight from your lower region.

From my experience, I have found the best exercise to get an Ideal Shape is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

What you do is pick your favorite cardiovascular exercise. It can be Rowing, running, power walking, cross-training or whatever. Now you choose a period of 30-45 minutes which you will exercise for.

For the 30-45 minutes you are exercising you should vary the intensity by going full on, 90% pace for 30 seconds and the drop back down to a moderate pace for the next minute then back up to full-on pace for the next 30seconds… and so on. Do this for the the body types of your exercise and you will see more dramatic fat loss due to you burning more calories in a shorter space of time.

By finding out your shape be it pear, ruler, hourglass or Apple Body Shape with the calculator it can also help you dress for your Body Shape.

For instance, if you were a Pear characterized by a large lowered body and a slender upper body you may wish to achieve a more balanced look by accentuating your upper body and slightly disguising you lower body.

This can be done by wearing boot cuts jeans that are well fitting around the waist with some sort of a jacket give the appearance that the shoulders are bigger than they actually are.