Ceramic Rain Barrels – Water Saving Can Be Beautiful

A ceramic rain barrel is the perfect addition to any small garden. They are often highly decorative so they add another focal point to a garden but as they collect rain water they are beneficial to your garden and your water bills.

When it comes to selecting the right sort of rain barrel for your garden that is made from ceramic how do you know which will be the perfect one for you. In this article we offer some tips that can help you to choose the ideal ceramic rain barrel for your garden.

  1. How Much Water Will You Be Using?

In order for you to determine what size of barrel you need for Water Saving Shower Timer garden before you actually decide upon a style you need to work out how much water you will typically be using to feed the lawn and plants in your garden. By understanding how much water you use you will be able to determine how much the barrel will need to store to provide you with all the water you need to keep your garden looking wonderful. Therefore it is important that you sit down and figure out your particular water requirements.

For example if you intend to be using a sprinkler or irrigation system for say 30 minutes each day at full flow then you are going to require around 550 litres (143 gallons) of water each year. So ideally you should be looking at installing a ceramic rain barrel that can hold at least 60 litres of rain water.

  1. How Much Water Do You Hope To Harvest?

The answer to this question will be dependent on what the annual rainfall is like where you live. Also it depends on how many rain barrels you can afford to place around you home at the various down spouts that run from the roof of your home. On average 1 inch of rain that falls on to a 1,000 sq ft roof will provide you with around 600 gallons of water. However, to get a more accurate figure of what is likely to fall on your home you should deduct 20% from this figure and therefore you are getting around 480 gallons of water falling on to your roof.

To find out just how much rain is likely to fall in the area where you live a quick search online will provide you with the data you need. There are numerous sites that provide the indices of the area where you live of what the rainfall is expected to be in any given month during the year. Then using the above formula mentioned you can calculate how much water you are likely to be able to harvest at these times. Once you have this figure you can then determine just how many ceramic rain barrels you will need to ensure that you collect as much of the rain water as possible.